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mason on Friday links: Buying land to save it?, Development 'porn'?, Help McSweeney's and a classic redone

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June 16, 2007

Friday links: Buying land to save it?, Development 'porn'?, Help McSweeney's and a classic redone

Posted by ron at 11:02 AM ET

It's an old idea but one that's worth re-exploring: buying land to save it.

American multimillionaire and North Face founder Douglas Tompkins bought up huge chunks of Argentina earlier this month. Tompkins says he wants to prevent these ecologically sensitive areas from being developed and exploited by corporations. He even intends to eventually turn them over to the Argentinian government as nature reserves.

But Tompkins has also been accused of ignoring the rights of natives and locals who live in the area, some even accuse him of trying to gain control of the significant water resources in the area. We think there must be a way for philantropist and eco-activists like Tompkins and forward thinking governments to work together. The potential for ecological preservation is much too great to let disputes be a permanent stumbling block.

Late last week, Boing Boing posited a very interesting question., "Why are most of the images of the third world being taken by first world photographers?" It brings up any number of issues of race, neo-colonialism, representation and indigenous empowerment.

The Yes men strike again. Their latest prank has shades of Soylent Green and A Modest Proposal. It'll bring a (mischievous) smile to your face.

McSweeeney's, one of our favourite indie publisher, needs your love and your help.

Finally, we rediscover this 80s classic.

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Reader comments:

Ron: That Yes Men thing is fantastic. Vivoleum? Haha...

Posted by: mason at June 18, 2007 04:52 PM

I have never been much in favour of online shopping. The idea that the ancient physical delight of strolling the marketplace or bazaar and taking in its sights and smells might one day be replaced by clicking and dragging from a desktop is one I have always found more repugnant than convenient. But that was before I found out aboutWhat is Etsy? If you ask its founder, 27 year old Brooklyn based Rob Kalin, Etsy is "a childhood word from a Fellini movie" that he chose because "it embodies the curiosity of imagination" (the naughty Kalin has also playfully told the press that Etsy comes...

Posted by: atygbzxyqi at November 24, 2007 09:09 PM

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Posted by: ydpxvctji rkifou at November 25, 2007 03:32 PM

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Posted by: auhz yzjuol at November 25, 2007 03:35 PM

"He's not a loner, but is often alone if you know what I mean. He mixes well with lots of different people. It's quite bizarre really." Advertisement Advertisement The man first came to the area in April last year. He had worked in the kiwifruit industry but was likely to have been doing contract work at this time of the year, Ms Peat said. What happened after he left the bar just before 1am was the focus of police inquiries yesterday, as a detailed forensic examination by ESR scientists got under way on Jellicoe St. Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Turner said the three young men made an initial appearance in the district court yesterday afternoon on homicide charges. Two of the men had given themselves up at the Te Puke police station about 7am yesterday. The third went in about 8.30am. "Obviously this incident will...

Posted by: jsmutziozs at November 25, 2007 04:44 PM

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