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Ian on Atheist bus ads may be crossing the pond

Dirk on Atheist bus ads may be crossing the pond

Elaisha on Atheist bus ads may be crossing the pond

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January 16, 2009

Atheist bus ads may be crossing the pond

Posted by Melissa Wilson at 01:01 PM ET

Last week This editor Graham F. Scott blogged about a group of atheists in England who raised money to buy ad space on 200 London buses with the slogan: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

Now the Globe and Mail is reporting that the ad effort may soon be making its way to the streets (and subways) of Toronto. York University student Chris Hammond launched last week, and hopes to raise at least $6,000 to buy ad space on the TTC. The ads are meant to be a reaction to the Christian ads featuring Bible quotes that can sometimes be seen around Toronto. He told the Globe,

"There's atheists that are out there. This will show them they are not alone."

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Reader comments:

Apparently a Christian bus driver in the UK has refused to ride a bus with the "There's probably no God" slogan on it.

Posted by: Elaisha at January 16, 2009 04:47 PM

What exactly is the point of this ? indeed what a waste of time and effort.Each to their own I suppose.

Posted by: Dirk at January 17, 2009 12:57 AM

Here I am reading some reviews of this article and I come across one that spouts science is a cult/religion. Listen: Science is the best approximation of the truth that we know/have. I find it amusing that someone argues the validity of science as they type on their computer through a keyboard over the internet whilst viewing a monitor in a house with the furnace or air conditioning going and then argue that science is a cult and another belief system. Remember all the things in your life you hold dear are science derived; it is because of the scientific process that you are even reading my message here. How is it that people accept science and its discoveries when it suites them (or more accurately most of these people just don't understand the scientific method and thus don't equate all these things in their life as being from science) but when the same scientific method is applied to finding answers to things that go against what their doctrines preach then they choose not to accept science. For those of you who "believe" things like the earth is 10000 or less years old. You are wrong; simple as that. For those who "believe" that evolution is something the "cult" of science has made up; you are wrong; simple as that. Evolution theory is a process of the scientific method of hypothesis, experiment and discovery some 150+ years in the making. Science may not have it 100% correct; there may be more to discover in the fine details but this is the best truth we have and eventually we come to the 100% truth. These and other answers you may not like do not come easy and remember everyone is welcome to prove the establishment wrong in the scientific community. Science welcomes and encourages the disproof of what they hold as truth; this is how we progress. From what I recall, the charlatan religions of the world stifle change and questioning of their doctrines; in fact it wasn't long ago that the inquisition took place. The brilliant Carl Sagan once said "How is that people can fly in an airplane, listen to the radio, take antibiotics and also believe the earth is 10000 years old"
If you "believers" would think for a second and go and learn some things maybe we could progress faster as a species.
In conclusion these ads are awesome; maybe discussion of the sort above will take place more often. And to those who say it is just offensive to the "believers" well just remember; might the ads you guys post be offensive to the "non believer"?

Posted by: Ian at January 20, 2009 03:07 PM

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